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Miami, FL (January 14th, 2021) – BIWIN Storage Technology Co., LTD., a leading manufacturer in flash- and DRAM-IC based products announce today the launch of their performance-based memory and SSD brand – Biwintech.

Biwintech is a passion driven brand with products built and designed to capture and store your most valuable memories. The products are designed for everyday home office users, content creators, tech enthusiasts (DIY) and gamers. Whether you are a content creator, video editor, music producer, photographer, YouTube influencer, or high-level gamer, the Biwintech memory and SSDs are sure to improve efficiency and reduce lag time.

The latest generations grow up with an opportunity humanity hasn’t had before: each of us can preserve the most important memories throughout our entire lives. Biwintech will help the world’s digital generations embark on their journey through their “always-on” digital lives.

If you’ve noticed how little 250GB storage seems today, you’ll understand more data was created in the past two years than in all our preceding history. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced by humans every day. At home and office, the average download speed for broadband and wi-fi will almost double, while the speed of average mobile connections will triple. Globally, the average Internet user will generate 57.0 Gigabytes of Internet traffic per month in 2021 (up 139% from five years ago, and reaching a spectacular CAGR of 19%).

This requires our personal computing devices to multitask more, to create faster and to store more. People today need affordable, reliable memory and storage solutions that grow with the latest technology— and yet fit in with our more mobile, internet-full lives. And that requires storage manufacturing specialists such as BIWIN who invest steadily in R&D and constantly maximize current production and develop new solutions.

“At Biwintech we work hard to build products with the upmost reliability,” says Will Lin, Managing Director. “We are technology enthusiasts as well as DIY specialists, therefore we want to make products we are proud of that we use in our daily lives. With Biwintech I firmly believe we have hit the mark.”

Biwintech Product Family •

Memory Modules (UDIMM, SODIMM)

Internal SATA SSD

Internal M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD

Portable SSD

Flash-Cards (SD Card, CFast Card, CFexpress Card)

The Biwintech storage portfolio includes internal M.2 PCIe NVMe as well as SATA 2.5” and portable Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and a complete lineup of DRAM modules.

The M.2 series as well as the SATA solid state drive portfolio will cover products with (SX/NX700) and without DRAM cache (SX/NX500) in capacities from 256 GB up to 4 TB. The portable SSDs come in a cost-effective EP500 models as well as performance optimized EP700 models in capacities from 128 GB up to 1 TB.

The Biwintech memory lineup includes standard DDR4 UDIMM and S0DIMM modules from 2400 MHz to 2666 MHz and from 8 GB up to 32 GB capacity per module.

Gamers will be addressed with the Biwintech DX500 modules featuring a heatsink with overclocking capacities up to 32 GB (per single module) and up to 4000 MHz speed. The Biwintech DX500 is our DDR4 high-end model built with supreme craftmanship, pure aluminum heatsink and RGB-lighting compatible with the RGB software found with the most major motherboard vendors.

biwintech product

Biwintech DX700, DDR4 RAM

Biwintech products are available in a wide range of capacity, backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty, with outstanding technical support from 9am to 5pm PST, and guaranteed 24 hours response time via email.


BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (“BIWIN”) produces high quality flash storage and memory, and is known in consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware and storage algorithms.

BIWIN’s experience in production (also along with its complete in-house IC packaging, testing, and SMT production lines) ensures BIWIN products are superior in performance, earning BIWIN many awards and a reputation for providing global customers with high-quality storage and memory products.

The company’s latest facility, the BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone, features a state-of-the-art R&D lab and 110,000 m2 of production.

The founders started in the flash storage business in Shenzhen, China in 1995, embracing the “WIN-WIN” business philosophy that would later become the hallmark for BIWIN. In 2009 they made a key decision for the business: to add IC encapsulation (or IC packaging) process into the factory. A milestone so remarkable that the vast of majority of competing companies still have not reached that level (they outsource the process or buy the packaged IC packaged). This successful step led to the 2010 creation of the company we know today, BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited.

After years of success in the storage industry, the company has launched Biwintech, its own consumer brand. Biwintech personal storage and memory products benefit from the rigorous production requirements learned over years of producing mission-critical industrial storage. Under official license, BIWIN also designs, produces, and markets consumer flash storage and memory for several famous computer brands.

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