Consumer Storage

Portable SSD, internal SSD, DRAM, memory card, and USB

About our consumer products

With years of experience in making flash storage products, today BIWIN has several different brands of personal storage in the consumer market, each one targeting a different market segment.

Under official license, BIWIN produces several well-known brands of personal storage (portable SSDs, internal SSDs, DRAM, memory card, USB). This is a very different business model from the usual manufacturer from China. Our model involves applying to a world-famous brand — under their technical inspection and qualification process — and purchasing an official brand license where BIWIN would be responsible for the design, building, marketing, and selling of the products.

With this strategy, BIWIN must produce products equal to the reputation of these brands and work with brand-owners to protect the brands throughout all stages (i.e., working to world-class levels for design, product, sales channels, and customer support.)`The model presents consumers with the option to buy storage products with the brands they respect from a skilled specialist manufacturer working under the brand-protecting conditions of an official license. It's a WIN-WIN.

BIWIN also produces its youthful brand for the new content creators, Biwintech.

Awards & commendations

Our licensed brands win close to 100 accolades every year from experts and the computer press. Our consumer storage and memory products rank in speed, performance, and durability among the best on the planet.

Consumers want speed plus stability

In a world where consumer storage needs are exploding, flash storage must speed up computer operations and perform stable operations despite heavy workloads.

DDR5-Industrial Memory

BIWIN launches its next-gen DDR5 memory with new channel architecture that will deliver massive bandwidth and better performance while using less power.

biwintech logo

BIWIN's brand of consumer storage reflects the freedom, individuality and innovativeness of youthful content creators, the 50 million consumers who want to actively record, store and share their lives, their work, their adventures and their memories.

Products for young or young-at-heart content creators

Huizhou campus

Opening of the BIWIN Science & Technology Campus

Our new campus in Huizhou (China) plays an important role as we ramp up capacity for our global brands of consumer storage. With 10X more capacity and all the commercial advantages which result, BIWIN ensures our commercial partners can benefit from the industry's latest state-of-the-art factory and labs. Building on our success and reputation in solving the storage problems of some of the world's top tech companies, the new facility will expand our industry solutions and our consumer brands' ability to deliver to all corners of the globe.

Real-estate project of the year in its region, the new campus represented a $124 million investment in its first phase. The multiple-year building project gives BIWIN a new home and our customers more confidence in an industry known for its consolidations and acquisitions.