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The honor of being chosen as one of Shenzhen’s Famous Brands is an impressive achievement for any company.

Xili, NanShan, Shenzhen, China– BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd. (“BIWIN”) joins an elite list as Shenzhen Federation of Industry names BIWIN as one of Shenzhen’s “Famous Brands.”

Shenzhen is a leading global technology hub, dubbed by media as “China’s Silicon Valley.” As an official part of a national program to recognize China’s best brands, the “Shenzhen Famous Brand” has become the main force to build “Shenzhen Quality” and a gold standard of achievement for Shenzhen enterprises and products.

The Shenzhen Federation of Industry is composed of 25 government agencies, 69 industry associations, 3 research institutions, 12 professional organizations and 2 media groups. This year, in the 18th Shenzhen famous brand evaluation, the Federation evaluated more than 280 brands in a selection procedure that took more than 6 months.

BIWIN Named “Shenzhen Famous Brand”

As an idea of the competitiveness for this award, less than 0.4% of the total number of enterprises in the city are selected as honorees.

BIWIN joins the list of “Shenzhen Famous Brands” based on the strength of its BIWIN storage semiconductor brand. At the same time, this honor reflects the determination and confidence of BIWIN to improve and implement its brand development strategy.

With about 20 million population, Shenzhen is part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis, (bordering Hong Kong to the south, Huizhou to the northeast and Dongguan to the northwest.)

One of the fastest-growing cities in the world in the 1990s and the 2000s, Shenzhen is ranked as an Alpha city (global first tier) by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

Shenzhen is a leading financial center in the Asia-Pacific region and ranks as having the 8th most competitive and largest financial center in the world in the 2021 Global Financial Centres Index.

Shenzhen has the fourth-highest number of billionaires of any city in the world (after Beijing, Shanghai and New York City).

The city is home to several notable institutes, such as Shenzhen University and Southern University of Science and Technology.

With these urban credentials, the honor of being chosen as one of Shenzhen’s Famous Brands is an impressive achievement for any company—and a high honor for the hard-working BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd.


BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (“BIWIN”) produces high quality flash storage and memory, and is known in consumer, corporate and industrial segments for its independent development capabilities in hardware, software, firmware and storage algorithms.

BIWIN’s experience in production (also along with its complete in-house IC packaging, testing, and SMT production lines) ensures BIWIN products are superior in performance, earning BIWIN many awards and a reputation for providing global customers with high-quality storage and memory products.

The company’s latest facility, the BIWIN Huizhou Science and Technology Zone, features a state-of-the-art R&D lab and 110,000 m2 of production.

The founders started in the flash storage business in Shenzhen, China in 1995, embracing the “WIN-WIN” business philosophy that would later become the hallmark for BIWIN. In 2009 they made a key decision for the business: to add IC encapsulation (or IC packaging) process into the factory. A milestone so remarkable that the vast of majority of competing companies still have not reached that level (they outsource the process or buy the packaged IC packaged). This successful step led to the 2010 creation of the company we know today, BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited.

After years of success in the storage industry, the company has launched Biwintech, its own consumer brand. Biwintech personal storage and memory products benefit from the rigorous production requirements learned over years of producing mission-critical industrial storage. Under official license, BIWIN also designs, produces, and markets consumer flash storage and memory for several famous computer brands.

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