After Successful IPO, BIWIN Now Listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (Sci-Tech Innovation Board)

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BIWIN now listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange
Officials, brokerage leaders, and executives attended the ceremony and rang the Shanghai Stock Exchange gong together.

[Shenzhen, Dec. 30th, 2022] BIWIN Storage Technology Company Limited (known as BIWIN at Stock Symbol: 688525) successfully joined the Shanghai Stock Exchange, STAR Market on the Sci-tech Innovation Board today.

BIWIN Chairman Sam Sun
BIWIN Chairman Mr. Sam Sun addresses the audience at the stock listing ceremony for BIWIN’s SSE listing.

Being listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (S.S.E.) opens a new chapter for the company.

BIWIN Chairman Mr. Sam Sun notes, “It is a historic moment for the company to start trading on the S.S.E., creating further momentum for our business. The listing is a big step, allowing BIWIN to further increase investment in R&D as a company priority, expand our landscape in the field of advanced packaging and testing, and improve the company’s competitiveness. With a focus on both the Chinese market and a global reach, BIWIN is on the way to fulfilling its mission as a world-leading storage brand and advanced packaging and testing service provider.”

Founded in 2010, BIWIN focuses on R&D, packaging and testing, and sales of flash and DRAM products. The company works with three main production lines: embedded memory, consumer-grade storage products, and storage products for industrial use.

From 2019 to 2021, BIWIN’s operating income was CNY ¥1.1735 billion, CNY ¥1.6417 billion, CNY ¥2.609 billion respectively, a CAGR of 49.11%.



From chip-to-client, with end-to-end flash storage solutions, BIWIN is setting the cornerstone for the Internet of Everything era.

BIWIN products are mainly used in mobile smart terminals, PC, enterprise storage, smart in-vehicle, industry terminals, and mobile storage. While the brand BIWIN targets the business market, Biwintech and our officially licensed brands (HP, Acer, and Predator) are designed for the booming consumer market.

Thanks to years of huge R&D investment and technological innovation, BIWIN can demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of storage mediums, develop core firmware algorithms, offer advanced IC packaging and testing services, grow self-developed production tools and machinery, and benefit from its latest facility with nearly 10X increased production capacity.

BIWIN has more than 200 R&D technical personnel (in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, and more) and has earned 156 domestic and overseas patents. The successful IPO allows the company to continue increasing investment in R&D to further build its technological edge and commercial advantages.

BIWIN’s listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange will bring long-term benefits for customers, employees, stakeholders, and business partners.

BIWIN Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock symbol 688525
Going public opens up many new possibilities for BIWIN and also signifies this “Little Giant” can look forward to impressive growth.

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