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Intelligent security requires innovative storage

Under the theme of “Intelligent Security, Innovative Storage” to highlight its series of storage products and solutions, BIWIN made its debut at the 18th China Public Security EXPO.

Postponed due to the pandemic, EXPO was eventually held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center with more than 1000 exhibitors, and more than 120,000 registered participants.

Data storage for security monitoring includes terminal, edge, and cloud storage. Each segment features distinct characteristics and requires specialized solutions, so BIWIN offers a full complement of industrial product systems (including 2.5” SSD, M.2 SSD, mSATA, SD card, and more) to meet the various storage requirements and the many different scenarios.


Let’s take vehicle monitoring systems, NVR/DVR, for one example.  To cope with the application challenges (frequent outages, unstable voltage, large temperature differentials, large storage capacity demands, strong vibration, and huge interferences), a storage manufacturer needs to build special products. 

At BIWIN, the C1004 2.5″ SSD (with SATA interface and a maximum capacity of up to 1.92 TB) is specially manufactured for NVR/DVR applications. C1004 includes extreme-temperature protection, high-and-low temperature resistance, firmware backup, SMART monitoring, power-off protection, V-REC algorithm optimization, and more. It supports multiple high-definition cameras to allow real-time hi-def recording. Clearly, BIWIN C1004 is built to match the need for all-weather, continuous, stable, and safe recording and storage of vehicle monitoring data.

Currently supplied to many important vehicle manufacturers, BIWIN C1004 is compliant with vehicle-level standards which demand superb quality, outstanding performance even under the worst conditions, and high durability—and it’s a great example of how intelligent security requires innovative storage solutions.

Data Storage for Security Monitoring

ApplicationStorage FeaturesBIWIN Solutions
Terminal Storage Drive Recorder / Household Monitoring CameraData directly saved on the collection systemSD Card
Edge Storage NVR / DVRTransfers data to associated equipment for storage and usage2.5” SSD / mSATA / M.2 SATA SSD / M.2 NVMe SSD
Cloud Storage Data CenterLong-term archiving and big-data analysis2.5” SSD / U.2 SSD

Significant trends in intelligent IT such as big data, cloud-based computing, AI, IoT, edge computing and others create new enhancements for security monitoring for global industries and businesses. All of these important developments which add intelligence to security and security monitoring (for example: AI for facial recognition, behavior recognition, and target classification based on ultra-or-high definition) depend upon innovative storage solutions from a leading specialist manufacturer such as BIWIN.


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