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BIWIN Shows Embedded & Industrial Storage Solutions at FMS 2022

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At Flash Memory Summit 2022, BIWIN Storage Technology Co., Ltd. showed its wide-ranging embedded memory and industrial solutions portfolio designed to meet the increased demand for complex memory and storage needs.

BIWIN stand at FMS2022

Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California showcases the mainstream applications, key technologies, leading vendors, and innovative startups driving the multi-billion-dollar non-volatile memory and SSD markets.

FMS is the world’s largest event showcasing flash memory in demanding enterprise storage applications, high-performance computing, and mobile and embedded systems.

BIWIN’s innovative storage solutions covered enterprise server system SSDs, in-vehicle SSDs, industrial DDR5, Gen4 BGA SSDs and embedded memory chips.

Industrial Solutions

For Enterprise Server: BIWIN SSD SS321 is a pioneering product built with 3D NAND wafer bundled with SATA 6 Gbps interface and DDR4 external DRAM cache. It delivers a maximum sequential 560MB/s read and 500MB/s write. Available in 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB.

For In-vehicle: BIWIN C1004 is specially manufactured for car monitoring system of NVR/DVR. With a maximum capacity of up to 1.92TB, it boasts the functions of over-temperature protection, high-and-low temperature resistance, firmware backup, SMART monitoring, power-off protection, V-REC algorithm optimization, and more.

The DDR5 Revolution

The demands of the industrial market for massive data processing and high-performance computing will lead us to the faster adoption of DDR5 technology.

DDR5 is not just an upgrade to DDR4; DDR5 is a revolution with its dual-channel architecture, providing double the bandwidth. DDR5 unlocks new value for industry and businesses, driving the rapid innovation needed at the intelligent edge.

Compared with DDR4, the bank groups of DDR5 memory have doubled, allowing the memory to respond to execution actions at a faster speed and achieve ultra-high performance.

BIWIN Industrial DDR5
More than an upgrade, DDR5 is a leap forward in technology

The standard operating voltage of DDR5 memory is reduced from DDR4’s 1.2V to just 1.1V, improving the power saving efficiency by 8% (and reducing heat generation).

Instead of the traditional control method through the motherboard, the DDR5 memory is equipped with a power management IC (PMIC), which can control the system power load more efficiently and improve the power conversion efficiency by 85%. This improves signal integrity and compatibility, and even reduces the cost of the motherboard design for power supply.

BIWIN DDR5 U-DIMM is a low power consumption, high-performance memory module that fully conforms to JEDEC’s 288-pin DDR5. This series of products use 1.1V operating voltage and can face ambient temperature ranges from 0℃ to 85℃. With 16GB to 32GB of DIMM capacities, the data transfer rate is up to 4800MT/s. The DRAM ICs used in this series of products are strictly screened to ensure stable operation and strong compatibility, making the products the best choice for industrial control, security and protection, desktop PCs and more.

BIWIN DDR5 SO-DIMM is a low-power, high-performance product that fully conforms to JEDEC’s 262pin DDR5 small size memory module. This series of products use a working voltage of 1.1V and their applicable operating temperature range is from 0℃ to 85℃. With a capacity range of 16GB – 32GB with up to 4800 MT/s data transfer speed, DDR5 SO-DIMM fits computer and gaming laptops, NUCs, thin clients, security and protection devices, and more.


The new BIWIN BGA SSD EP400 is designed to help customers become trendsetters in flagship intelligent terminal applications. Coupled with PCIe Gen 4 x 2 interface and NVMe 1.4 protocol, EP400 delivers unrivaled speed up to 3500 MB/s. With the same size as eMMC and UFS, the read and write speeds of EP400 are twice that of PCIe 3.0 BGA SSD E009 series and much higher than UFS 3.0/3.1 products. It boasts comprehensive edges in flagship mobile smart terminals and is an excellent choice for 2-in-1 laptops, flagship smartphones, autonomous driving, drones, and other applications.

BIWIN ePOP254 combines MMC and Mobile LPDDR

BIWIN ePOP254 (available in different capacities) combines MMC and Mobile LPDDR in a single package. BIWIN ePOP products are small in size, low in power consumption, low in cost and easy to develop, making them ideal solutions for smart wearables, IoT devices, and portable and handheld devices (such as smartphones, tablets, PMP, PDAs and other media devices).

BIWIN eMCP144, using our decades of experience in chip packaging and our state-of-the-art facilities, integrates an eMMC chip and a low-power DRAM solution (adhering to a JEDEC standard protocol). This simplifies our customer’s device manufacturing process and development cost, shortens the development time, and speeds up the launch of the products. The data transmission rate of this series of products can reach 4266 MT/s. Compared with traditional MCP, eMCP uses a built-in NAND flash control chip which reduces the burden of main chip computing and manages larger capacity Flash memory.

These innovative BIWIN storage products, purpose-built for industrial or embedded applications, help businesses generate more value. For more info go, BIWIN Storage Technology

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