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Tytantest Wins FMS 2023 “Best of Show” Award for SSD Manufacturing 

The TY-S101A, the unique automatic machine for multi-form, multi-capacity SSD manufacturing, is awarded Best of Show by the 2023 Flash Memory Summit experts.

Tytantest receives the 2023 FMS BEST OF SHOW Award for its automated SSD manufacturing machine

We’re proud to report that Tytantest, a self-standing subsidiary of BIWIN Storage Technology, is an award winner for its Tytantest TY-S101A automated SSD production machine. In the FMS Show Theater at the Flash Memory Summit 2023, judges from the FMS 2023 Best of Show Awards named the Tytantest TY-S101A as the Most Innovative Memory Technology for SSD Manufacturing.

Held annually in Silicon Valley, Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is the world’s largest industry event showcasing the trends, innovations, and influences driving the adoption of flash memory. The Best of Show Awards, now in their 17th year, represent the flash memory industry celebrating its best innovations.

The TY-S101A is a proven solution for multi-form and multi-capacity SSD automated production, achieving efficient, trackable, and intelligent production tests across the whole process from automated loading, automated programming, Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT) and Burn-in test (BIT) to automated unloading.

As an example, the TY-S101A is in place and running well in the factory of BIWIN,
a major producer of SSD (1 million per month) and a sales agent and alpha client for Tytantest.

The Tytantest TY-S101A can save 80% of the SSD production testing cost, 53% of the costs of space, 60% of energy consumption, and 93% of labor costs.

These remarkable benefits make this machine a valuable addition to any SSD manufacturer.


1. Best Solution for Compatibility

TY-S101A supports the production of all mainstream SATA and PCIe SSDs, as well as allowing a production mix featuring different interfaces, forms, and order quantities.

2. Economic benefits

Compared with a single production line manufacturing, TY-S101A saves 80% of the production testing cost, 53% the costs of factory floor space, 60% energy consumption and 93% labor demand.

3. Monitoring & Traceability

Its own Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides real-time monitoring and data transmission during the manufacturing process. The unit achieves SSD ID binding, automatically records and monitors yield rate (and failure messages), and even enables advance warning and maintenance to reduce sudden failure and the shutdown rate.

4. Flexibility

TY-S101A gives makers the ability to adjust and customize all the SSD test strategies– and the cabinet unit design for RDT and BIT is modular to greatly boost production capacity.

For more information, please contact sales@tytantest.com.

For more info on BIWIN at FLASH MEMORY SUMMIT 2023, click here.


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