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Special Industrial Applications

In industrial storage applications, there are some storage application scenarios with extreme temperature differences, high sulfur pollution, 24/7 hours of uninterrupted operations and other environments, such as some industrial, mining and chemical enterprises, continuous operation automation equipment, and factory monitoring. This kind of industrial application environment poses a serious challenge to the storage solution. BIWIN’s industrial application storage solution integrates its own technology to solve the problems one by one.

Temperature screening ensures tolerance of wide variations

If you face wide temperature ranges in your environment, BIWIN guarantees consistent performance for any temperature variation between -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. We perform “wide temperature range” screening on each component before mounting. Then we screen our final products to ensure they can work in extreme environments.

Anti-vulcanization treatment

For harsh environments such as industrial, mining and chemical enterprises (with high temperature, high humidity, high pollution and even high sulfur gas concentration), BIWIN adds protection for those parts in our storage module where vulcanization could disrupt module functions.

V-REC supports high-density reading and writing without decelerating

With V-REC, BIWIN provides special firmware tuning for write-intensive storage requirements (such as factory process monitoring, video surveillance, streaming media, and graphics workstations) to ensure the best performance of the drive despite heavy files with long recording durations (e.g., avoiding any drop in recording speed).

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